Laurencia Evans

Laurencia Evans

I grew up in a house in which ghosts were part of the family. My mother was a “card and coffee reader”. My father believed in dwarfs. He would speak to them, and even named them. Thus, I grew up surrounded by ghosts, dwarfs and “little strange animals” that would pass by running, and then disappear. !”El Wicho”! my father would say…
For us it was not strange to see, from time to time, a shadow disappear on the wall, or hear footsteps on the staircase even if no one was there. Thus, my family atmosphere was somewhat strange and out of the norm.

My childhood was also accompanied by other beings no less wonderful, my cats and dogs. My life has been lovingly accompanied by these wonderful beings, which I call my little bothers and sisters.
Later, when I became interested in books, I discovered Carlos Castañeda and became fascinated with his magical and mysterious short stories about Don Juan, a yaqui witch from the Sonora desert in Mexico. I also really like Ursula K. Le Guin and other science fiction authors.

Parallel with my studies in the National School of Painting and Sculpture, I also became interested in themes like astrology, Buddhism, mental science and metaphysics.
The invisible forces that weave the world are more powerful and disturbing than the visible side of things. I’m interested in what’s occult and latent.
Since I was a child I carry, in my memory, strange images. They are the substance of my artistic work. The magicians that appear in my paintings are characters that “travel in time”, “without belonging to it”. They are travelers, psiconauts that can be here and there at the same time, like the Tibetan Lamas that cross time thresholds to bring the maps of these mysterious and faraway lands, in the blink of an eye.

Masters, Prophets, Supreme Guides whisper in our ears:
“I have been in places that you do not know yet”

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