Fernando Villanueva

FVillanueva 1
“My work is like picking up a book from the history of painting in the last 150 years, throw it in a blender with water and with all the pieces that come out, you paste them and make a collage.”

Fernando Villanueva, 2002 Source: Pérez Rivera, Tatiana. “Rienda suelta a la creatividad”. El Nuevo Día (San Juan, PR), 19 de septiembre de 2002, p. 100.

Painter. Villanueva obtained a BFA with a major in painting from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico in 1998. Winner of ‘Exhibición del año 2002’ (Show of the Year) Award conferred by the International Association of Art Critics, Puerto Rico Chapter (AICA). He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions and his works form part of important collections locally and internationally. In his paintings he displays the beauty and madness of capitalism and at the same time toys (plays) with different definitions of art and aesthetics from the end of the Second World War.

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