Lucía Méndez

The hidden nature of the magical religious rituals that accompany the petitions, offerings and promises that are part of our eternity, is based on that is wished with vehemence. The search through devotion to the saints and beings, is represented by the patches of color, baths of herbs, smells & furthermore objects – considered Kitsch…

Celebrate the mystery, trace the sacred outlines of an offering,

steel and fire. To plead, using all the extremities of the body, with a stare that will soon explode in trances and prayers. to elongate faith until it dominates the violent margins. perhaps, that is the purpose. Maybe, that is why she paints strong women, like old roots and rites, that bring forth the power of the Afro-Caribbean spirituality, as well as the ancestral knowledge that reclaim spaces free from the prejudiced eye and the misery of our everyday lives.

Many people refuse this since they consider these pagan rites and customs, “Haitian things,” but they are the same people, part of the large majority of the population that practices in a semi-secret way and splashes the everyday that is already very common, with the practices of palm reading, cup reading, cards, etc.


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