Miguel Gómez

Looking at Miguel Gómez’s painting gives us the sensation of being in front of a polychromatic theatre scene in motion, where the images appear to be in a trail of vapor.

Skillfull and Capable

Miguel Gómez doesn’t lose sight of his surroundings. He doesn’t have to look to Paris for authenticity, nor does he have to look to New York to be modern. He looks to his own history. He works with the elements that have been given to him by a truncated national art history. With authenticity, he makes an effort, resulting in meaningful achievements, to approach the quality of his expression, while using a set of elements taken from the Caribbean vernacular.

Anchored to expressionist experiences, Miguel creates a painting to express the universe of festivity that surrounds him. Miguel represents his town through the dancers, gathered in the sun, almost in a humorous way. In his forwardness, he views everything like a passenger would, enjoying, sketching to lift the images into a trick without trying to make them more than their impetus. The faces of the dancers aren’t more than the faceless dancers although there could be a plethora of dance experiences.

Paintings Small (14″x 70″- 20″ x 70″)

Paintings Medium (20″ x 24″ – 40″ x 50″)

Paintings Large (40″ x 40″ – 92″ x 56″)

Drawings Small (13″ x 9″ – 13″ x 11″)

Drawings Medium (14″ x 10″ – 16″ x 20″)

Drawings Large (21″ x 15″)

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