Mirna Ledesma

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From an early age shows vocation for plastic arts, since it comes from the vicinity of the Grand Master of the Dominican art, Clara Ledesma, who is his niece. It tier technical architect and draftsman in architecture. In the year 2001 obtained the title of Professor of Plastic Arts, National School of Fine Arts, and began his Graduate studies in the area of painting, under the advice of Soucy Pellerano, Juan Medina and Freddy Javier.

EXHIBITIONS 2006. I'm Caribbean, Hotel Melia, Santo Domingo, DR JOINT EXHIBITIONS 2000: Recent 3, UNESCO House. Santo Domingo, DR 2003: Perceptions, College of plastic artist, Santo Domingo, DR 2004: Perceptions II, Casa de la Cultura Dominicana, New York. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL NY Collective 1998 City Council of Nice. Creative Workshop shut 98 young artists, painters Dominicans. 1999 Dominican artists, La Galera Caribean Art, Santo Domingo. 2000 Non Races, Spring Clamor, Humanity, UNESCO House. Blanca Exhibition Building, Exhibition and Events. Perceptions Maroons. UNESCO House. Vision of Africa and homage to the immortal race, XX Festival of Culture, Cuba. Tribute to Pierre de Courbetin Barn. Participation V National Painting Competition Agro & Nature. Dominican Painters Palace of Fine Arts 2001 La Altagracia Virgen de la Libertad, House Jesuit. Tribute to Professor Dato Pagan, Dominican Man Museum. All art, auction to benefit Exhibition of Fine Arts School.
  • Pasatiempos Ajenos -ML1
    Pasatiempos Ajenos -ML1

    36" x 24" (43" x 31" - Framed)
    Acrylic in Canvas

    Price on Request
  • Dialogo  -ML2
    Dialogo -ML2

    Oil on Canvas
    40" x 30"

    Price on Request
  • Tras tu Busqueda -ML3
    Tras tu Busqueda -ML3

    24" x 36"
    Acrylic in Canvas

    Price on Request
  • Vientos de Primavera -ML4 (SOLD)
    Vientos de Primavera -ML4 (SOLD)

    30" x 30"

    Price on Request
  • Un Feliz Descanso -ML5 (SOLD)
    Un Feliz Descanso -ML5 (SOLD)

    16" x 20"
    Mix Media on Canvas

    Price on Request
  • "En pleno descanso" - mixed media on canvas - 19 1/2" x 16"

    Price on Request