José Fors

"The expression of facial psychology has rarely been achieved with the detailed realism of Fors. With Renaissance precision, he shows us what cannot be photographed, the spiritual state of suffering that our faces and expressions hide, the obscure realm of sentiment, the abysses of the heart, the desperate lonliness that destroys us"... Humberto Saldana

About Jose Fors . . .

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. Moved to the United States in 1960. Traveled to Mexico in 1967, living first in Guadalajara and later moving to Mexico City. In 1976 moved to Miami, Florida and studied for three years with Robert Martinez. He returned to Guadalajara where he lives today.

His first single exhibition was at the Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami, Florida in 1979. He has had notable exhibitions from Miami, Florida to Washington, DC to Boston, Massachusetts to Winnipeg, Canada to Tokyo, Japan to Guadalajara, Mexico.

  • Vacía -JF1
    Vacía -JF1

    35" x 44.5" Paper
    27" x 35.5" Art
    Etching - 15/50

    Price on Request
  • Mea Culpa -JF2 (SOLD)
    Mea Culpa -JF2 (SOLD)

    35" x 44.5" Paper
    27.5" x 36" Art
    Etching - 8/50

    Price on Request
  • Oral -JF3
    Oral -JF3

    35" x 44.5" Paper
    27.5" x 35.5" Art
    Etching - 1/50

    Price on Request